About Us

On Fields of Green is a website about Scottish football, written by Scottish football fans.

This website grew out of the crisis that engulfed our sport in February of 2012, and of the fan response that followed it. We believe the job of Scottish football fans is to talk the game up … not down. As such, we see our role as not only promoting the game and its greater good, but to exposing those who are destroying it. That task is only just beginning.

The challenges that face us are enormous. The difficulties are vast. Yet, we believe in Scottish football, and we want to make it better.

The only way this can happen is by united the supporters. The game in their hands.

On Fields of Green is run by two writers, from Glasgow:

James Forrest

James Forrest is a writer, blogger and independent publisher from Glasgow. A writer his whole life, he has worked on a number of magazines, written for more blogs than he can keep track of and is the author of two books, “Fragments” and “Believers”, both available on Amazon Kindle.

Gavin McCann

Gavin McCann is a blogger, writer and wry observer of the media. Hailing from Glasgow, he has worked on a number of blogs, including STV.

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