The Road To Ruin

1 Sevco Rangers is in a chronic state as it begins its third season in existence.

How did it get like this? What were the landmarks along the way? Could they have been avoided, and who is guilty of letting it all spin out of control?

When the NewCo was manufactured from the stripped parts of the dead club, there was a lot of talk about them rising through the ranks to emerge as a fully-fledged challenger to Celtic, with a wedge of money in the bank and a team that had been together for the journey from the lowest tier.

This was always unrealistic nonsense, but that many of their fans believed in it cannot be denied. In fact, many of them did not simply believe but they had an almost messianic conviction that it would be so.

This article is the first of our multi-page gallery pieces (we’re trying something new) and it looks at the journey from fantasy … to reality.

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Comments on The Road To Ruin

  • Carntyne

    James, please go back to a single page post.
    So footery were my efforts to navigate on my tablet with thick fingers I almost gave up reading.

    It took me twice the time to read.

  • Gerry Q

    James. The single page was much easier to manage, however a previous & next button would really work if you’re sticking with the Multi page format.

    As per the content, nothing much there that hasn’t been denied from the sevco fans.


  • http://None Jimmy Mac

    James, good “how we got to where we are article” enjoyable and accurate as usual.

    There is a but though…

    The new format seems user unfriendly, time consuming and when the reader is just starting to flow,up pops another numbered hurdle.

    They say dont fix it if it aint broken and your normal style and format “dont need fixing”


  • James Forrest

    I agree mate, I’m just messing with different ideas right now. I would like to do a few articles that in the “picture gallery” format over the next few months, but I want to make sure that it does look okay, and that it does read okay.

    Totally get what you’re saying though.

  • http://windows8 larsson

    James,back front,upside down,right ,left,whatever, I will read it somehow,surely the coup de gra,must come sometime,I just love their pain H H

  • Stevie Lo

    Hi James, I like this format and think it serves to make you want to keep reading. Sort of like a Russian doll. I agree with another of the guys above though, a back and forward button would be useful if you do this sort of thing regularly. Cheers.

  • Y N R A

    James,just keep the good news coming.HH

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