Sevco Face Being Gavelled Out Of Existence

Judge holding gavelToday a bunch of men stood in a courtroom, accused of a variety of offences relating to the takeover of Rangers assets. I’m not going into detail on what those charges involve; we’ve been over the course before and we know the stories.

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece about how a lot of Sevco fans believe in something akin to fairies at the bottom of the garden; that all of their current tribulations will be unravelled as these court cases speed towards the end, and that a bunch of money will end up in their bank account.

Their demands, made in that typically simple-minded style of theirs, are for guilty verdicts all round, for people to be sent to prison.

Yet those of us who’ve been watching this thing unfold know that in the event they get what they want they aren’t going to like, not one bit, what it is that they actually get.

Because if all these people are prosecuted, that will leave their club in utter turmoil.

So many of the salient details of this have passed these people by.

Some think that all the money they claim has been stolen (I’m willing to bet none actually was) will be returned,

Others are overcome with bloodlust and the need for people to be punished, and they want this whether it helps them or not.

Because they are reckless, and heedless of the danger these cases present, and to the damage that will probably be done to them in due course.

Sevco fans are like children at times.

You can try to tell them stuff, but they are wilful and not over fond of listening to what you say.

There’s a part of me that wants to keep watching them fall off the swings.

Sooner or later, it’s got to hurt enough to get through.

The trouble is, I’ve been saying that for near on four years now and you know what?

They haven’t learned a single lesson yet.

So, one more time let’s play the game out.

If Sevco fans don’t get their fondest wish, and these cases end in Not Guilty verdicts the people who they claim leeched their club will walk away free and clear.

There are few amongst the Sevco support who want to see that outcome, because they really do believe the Victim Myth and they really do believe the best way to unravel the last four years is for people to go to prison and for someone in their club to start the lengthy process of trying to claw back all the money they claim walked away at the same time.

As I outlined previously, that is simply not going to happen and the fans who believe in it are in for the rudest awakening of their lives, regardless of the verdict here.

Should Green, Whyte and the rest walk out of court free and clear, you will hear the wailing all across Scotland.

You might even get the odd conspiracy theorist talking, with a nudge and a wink, about a judge and jury who all went to schools with similar sounding names.

But all of it will pale into insignificance if these folks are convicted.

For a start, serious questions will need to be answered at the SFA.

Those boyos are up to this in their necks, as their scandalous failure of due diligence – the most glaring, blatant and shocking example of which was their decision to let Sevco “investigate itself” when the claims about Whyte’s involvement in the Green takeover emerged – will attest.

If they’ve granted a license to a company that ought not to have existed, then that’s all she wrote and heads are going to have to roll down the Hampden stairs. I cannot articulate enough just how serious that would be, and how dangerous it is for the governing bodies.

The consequences for Sevco … well they would be worse.

They would be far worse.

If the takeover of the club is found to have been illegal then everything that came after it will be invalidated.

The current shares would be wiped out as the shareholders would be left with stakes in a company that owned no assets and had no value.

There would be an enormous, complicated and time consuming legal battle over those assets … involving King, Ashley, the banks, the current shareholders, the plaintiffs and even the creditors of the OldCo, who would certainly be able to claim that they might have had more money if the fix wasn’t in.

How long would all that take?

Years, probably.

You’d certainly see those who bought shares in the last stock issue suing people.

You’d see HMRC come back in for their cut, via BDO.

What’s more incredible is that part of these proceedings relate to what Green is subsequently alleged to have done to Whyte … therefore, you’ll probably see the plaintiffs themselves counter-suing the Hell out of each other.

All these cases would, of course, be subject to appeals.

For the second time in five years, fans who thought they had a piece of their club would be left with nothing to show for it.

I am amazed that more of them aren’t concerned by that.

The lawyers would get fat, and rich, off of it all and the jelly and ice cream would be consumed in large quantities as we watched the unfolding carnage, but Sevco itself would be shattered.

Not even the SFA could grant a license to a club who’s intellectual property, who’s stadium, who’s player contracts and who’s shares were the registered assets of an organisation struck off the register at Companies House and in the midst of a legal minefield.

Do the Sevco fans realise any of this?

Or are they still kidding themselves that this has a happy ending?

Over on CQN, Paul67 ended his piece today with the words “They are finished. Finished.”

He is not a guy who’s opinion can be readily dismissed, as he researches this stuff thoroughly before he posts up as much as a word.

His suggestion that the fans ought to have accepted the reality of all this back in 2012 and formed a club free of all this was sensible, and right, and that King and others have stumbled into this minefield is darkly funny to me.

When the Real Rangers Men made their initial effort to destabilise Green – right at the beginning, when he got the assets – they could have accepted the death of the OldCo as most rational people do, and started an alternative club, competing with the Green consortium for the only thing that really mattered in all this – the hearts and minds of the supporters.

What seduced everyone involved was the same old stuff; the bling.

A big stadium. A fancy training ground. A history that they’ve reduced to nothing but words on a page, and a list of trophies, instead of remembering what it actually is; memories, legends, stories for the grandkids.

What’s done for them is typically ego and idiocy in equal measure.

What would happen to Scottish football in this scenario?

It appals me that no-one in our game is even remotely considering that question, because it has implications that are simply staggering.

This crisis is set to engulf the people who thought it was all going away.

It’s not going away.

Sevco are about to be gavelled towards extinction.

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James Forrest

James Forrest is a writer and blogger from Glasgow, and the author of two books, Fragments and Believers, which are available on Amazon.

24 thoughts on “Sevco Face Being Gavelled Out Of Existence

  • 16 October, 2015 at 6:43 pm

    James to you honestly think that anything will be done to the Hun, you really are kidding yourself but your not kidding me. You like others have been trying to tell us (the Celtic support) that this shower of bassas are going to suffer for years and they still persist. I would go as far as to say that it is the Tic support that have suffered more since all this fraud etc surfaced. It is our team that have lost fans not theirs and who can blame us for what they have been allowed to get away with. James give it a rest it is our team that has suffered for their cheating.

  • 16 October, 2015 at 7:01 pm

    You can still get 16/1 on hibs winning the championship,ive backed them,its a 15 or 25 point deduction for an insolvency event! Winnings from the bookies to buy more jelly n ice cream?

  • 16 October, 2015 at 7:07 pm

    Honestly, if the powers that be at Sevco, let’s say Paul Murray for talking’s sake, started a brand new football club and for their sake, appealing to Sevco’s fans, free of all the controversy surrounding Sevco and Rangers, and hopefully free of the other less savoury stuff, I would genuinely wish them all the best with it.

  • 16 October, 2015 at 7:13 pm

    Chapeaux that man, more jelly & icecream?

  • 16 October, 2015 at 7:13 pm

    Ahem ! Ahem ! cough cough ! ponder ! What happens if they are to a man found not guilty.Whiter than White even….. After all ! this is Scotland,don,t think so but stranger things have happened at sea

  • 16 October, 2015 at 7:30 pm

    I belieive it when it happens, but in reality somehow Scotland will contrive to keep them alive or will yet again formulate a new club as if nothing ever happened. We will see the veiled threats of catasrophe and the direct threat we had before of civil disobedience etc. I’ll only ever be fully satisfied when we are playing in a different league away from the bigots and the cowards that run Scotlands football and Scotlands football media.

  • 16 October, 2015 at 8:51 pm

    Ironically, the best case scenario for Sevco is that all of the gentlemen currently charged are found not guilty or the charges are dropped.

    They should really be offering to pay Charles Green\’s legal fees and doing everything to help him and Duff and Phelps win.

    Whether due process will find them to be innocent is another matter, but it would be the utilitarian outcome for Sevco and the collective incomes of all Scottish football clubs.

    It baffles me how the fans cannot seem to fathom this, they seem to want those accused to be found guilty when the reality is that they would be cutting their nose to spite their face, so to speak.

    If any of these guys are found not guilty Sevco\’ll get liquidated again and the process carried out by Green and Duff&Phelps will have to be repeated. They will need to go back down to Division 3, that will really test the current fans\’ resolution. A bunch of people will then sue Green and Duff and Phelps and which will likely be to no avail as they will declare themselves bankrupt.

    As a supporter of Scottish football it\’s difficult to make a decision on what outcome you would like to see, this is a very, very important case and I think more important than many people in the mainstream media realise.

  • 16 October, 2015 at 9:49 pm

    Regardless of any of the possible outcomes all I see ahead for them is year after year of bitter (and nobody does bitter better than this mob) infighting and litigation, constant crisis and dis-unity, stifled growth and stagnation. Most of all they will be totally ill equipped to mount any kind of serious challenge for honours.

    Bring it on.

  • 16 October, 2015 at 10:34 pm

    It is not \”who\’s stadium\” or \”who\’s shares\” or \”who\’s intellectual property\” It is \”whose\”.

    \”Who\’s\” is who is.

  • 17 October, 2015 at 12:52 am

    Very interesting article HH to all

  • 17 October, 2015 at 1:56 am

    Take them down

  • 17 October, 2015 at 8:01 am

    Whyte,Green etc are simply common criminals hopefully about to get their commupance –the effects on rangers after that you can only surmise but l would bet it won’t be good –of more concern to us was that on a trip to ltaly with friends last week ( 10 ) l was now the only attender and they all did at one stage —product is dross and players not much better

  • 17 October, 2015 at 8:46 am

    Six names went to Court I hear, and David Murray name is not among them why.

  • 17 October, 2015 at 10:01 am

    James,once again,the truth,and nothing but the truth.Seems some of our support,as witnessed on here,are just as dumb as the Sevco mob.\”Nothing will happen to them\”\”They will get off AGAIN\”.As if nothing has happened to them over the past 4 years.They dont seem to have gotten off with much to me when the SFA have not been involved.Some of our fans seem to forget they were actually liquidated.I dont have any doubts about the verdict.We could all see what was going on.Paul was right.They are finished as we knew them.

  • 17 October, 2015 at 10:13 am

    Big mike I think you have been listening to the msm too much if you believe that the sevco saga has hurt us more than anyone .
    It’s the opposite…..we have been set free from the old firm tag, set free from being tagged as being the same as them.
    It has given us the opportunity to totally change our set up and how we train and develop players which takes time but because the Huns are dead , time is what we have because no one can really challenge us and by next season we will be a champions league team competing with the best year in and year out.
    Regardless of what happens to sevco, it will not affect us in the slightest.
    If they go under….great or if they survive and win promotion….great again because they will never get close to us and we will see how fast their fans walk away when they see us pumping them 4 times a year after year after year.

  • 17 October, 2015 at 5:15 pm

    All the bile n bitterness fae the green brigade wont change history WATP

  • 17 October, 2015 at 8:31 pm

    Unbelievable ! Total obsession 54 titles n still going strong…we welcome the chase.???? See yous in the championship next year obsessors ???? WATP !

  • 17 October, 2015 at 10:38 pm

    We must stop this nonsense now.

    How can such apocalyptic events be in the pipeline when the Herald, Daily Radar and especially the ET are reporting good news stories one after another.

    7 months down the road King has yet to open his war chest and the dogs in the street are barking that his shareholding is via a loan from that nice Mr Taylor.

    Yet no one in the media is on King’s case, no one. How can that be?

    Llambias asked the question. ….Where is your money, where is your Nomad Mr King, seven months ago, still no answer.

    Level 5 , at a huge cost, are keeping everything under wraps, no negative stories allowed, no questioning of the Chairman possible.

    Am I the only one thinking how this is possible in a democracy where freedom of speech and thought is a given?

    Level 5 is very, very, good at what they do or on the other hand our media is as corrupt as those that have contributed to the Rangers panto.

    Not paranoid enough, someone blogged recently!

    Too true mate, from Mo’s £1m signing on fee lodged in a Swiss bank, copyright Derek Ferguson, to the quite amazing amount of England international players turning up at Ibrox following the Heysel disaster, to enjoy the fruits of European football…… what cost?

    If Mo was worth £1m what were Butcher ET Al getting from leaving their well paid jobs in England, apart from European football?

    Remember the very small article, probably by a non football journo, ref Goram’s traffic offence when his brief presented his clients copy wage slips that allowed the court to give him 8 weeks to pay a fine of a couple of hundred pounds?

    Wonder what was lodged with the SFA for Mo and the English brigade…….signing on fees and all and did HMRC get their cut as prescribed by law?

    The cheating and lying has been perpetuated over decades.

    Do I want Rangers stripped of honours won during this period……..yes I do, with the history books showing an asterisk and an explanation as to why, as below!

    This club’s titles and honours have been removed because over a sustained period of time they cheated every other club in Scotland, broke every rule in the book, then tried to hide the fact. Whether they were aided and abetted by the football authorities should become clear when the current court cases come to a conclusion.

  • 18 October, 2015 at 10:15 am


    I hope the club’s are making plans to create a new organisation to replace the current, useless, not fit for purpose bunch of chancers currently ruining, not running,our national sport.

    The scandalous issuing of a European licence contrary to UEFA regulations, the skewed LNS report, the Pinsent Mason investigation, the laughable Bryson interpretation on player registration, a secret agreement with one club……..the list is endless.

    Yesterday’s display of total ineptitude by Muir is the tip of the iceberg. The greatest irony being that the refs are sponsored by Specsavers!

    You couldn’t make it up.

    Their ineptitude and blatant bias is no new……..Farr y gate etc.

    They also managed to come up with a 52,000 seater stadium to replace a ground where I have stood on many occasions with over 130,000 other fans.

    A 5 star 52,000 replacement might have been a bit more palatable but what did we get?

    One new stand, seats placed on the old terracing, fans well removed from the action with the running track still in situ……….another fine mess.

    My hope in the forthcoming trials is that the lies, cheating and corruption are fully exposed for all to see and that those responsible, individually or as an organisation finally pay the price for what they have done to our sport.

    It’s worth remembering that those following the various blogs will not be surprised at the coming revelations but there is a much wider audience out there who are either unaware or would rather blank the impending bad news.
    These people who still contribute to the Red tops only get the PR copy and pasted nonsense from the usual suspects, masquerading as journalists.
    These journos know where all the bodies are ⚰, there are no secrets in Scottish football, not even Mo’s £1m signing on fee ( Copyright Derek Ferguson)
    Not a murmur from one of them about King’s missing war chest, not a mention that King was loaned the money by the 3 Bears in order to purchase his shareholding.

    Is the latter especially not a huge, huge story?

    The SFA, the whole lot of them, need to be binned and replaced with men/women of integrity.

  • 18 October, 2015 at 3:32 pm

    A fine article once again, though I can\’t help but think that they\’ll be kept alive in one form or another, as a sort of phallic maypole for the simpletons to dance around.

    After all, where else can they focus all those centuries of bigotry and hatred that they like to pass down from one generation to the next ..?

    The (possibly criminal) actions of the SFA, and others, already shows just how much they can get away with, despite irrefutable evidence of their rule breaking and other crimes now being part of wider public knowledge, and discussed at length daily (but not in the dailies) …

    Fair play to you too, for posting It Does Matter\’s post re the possessive \’Whose\’;
    you are, without a doubt,mone of the best writers out there but this small detail really has affected your numerous and otherwise excellent articles.

    Your Sevco Kool Aid article has to be one of the best observations yet written on the subject and your insights on the simplistic, reactionary, mindset of a certain type of bigot never fail to make me chuckle, along with the past four years of unrelenting madness emanating from the Aye Brokes horde.

    Many thanks, mon.

    Keep up the good stuff.

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