Resolution 12 Campaign Leaves Sevco Facing A European Ban

1939633_w2This is an article that was almost written last week, but then the need for it was removed at a stroke by a late Hibs goal at Hampden.

Amidst the mayhem that followed that goal, this story was put on the back burner. Events have moved forward this weekend.

For the last couple of years, a group of dedicated Celtic supporters has been working away, diligently, on the matter we call Resolution 12. Much is at stake; the credibility of the game here in Scotland, SFA reform and exposing the truth about some of what was going on during that period.

Yet Celtic fans, and those of other clubs, still appear largely ignorant of the real scale of what’s up for grabs here.

Celtic supporters have long wondered whether or not getting to the roots of this will do much more than embarrass Stewart Regan and his cohort at Hampden.

This was never about embarrassing people.

One of the consequences of it will be removing them from office entirely.

If it’s found that the SFA helped Rangers to deliberately conceal tax payables owed during the UEFA licensing process then that’s the ball game for everyone involved in that matter. They are gone.

But there’s always been another side to this, and some of the Resolution 12 guys have been wholly aware of it for a while, and their legal reps and those at the SFA most certainly are.

Celtic is well aware of it too, and it’s one of the reasons for their reticence in making a public statement. I am glad to be able to make that clear, and it’s something that only came to my own attention in the last weeks.

Let me make something else clear; Celtic has no interest in this beyond establishing the facts. Our club doesn’t want blood here. It’s not the reason the club or fans are pursuing this matter and you know this because at no time have the guys behind Resolution 12 presented demands for that in a public forum, as a stated objective of the campaign.

But it’s always been accepted that if their case is proved that there will be consequences for people.

So what are these consequences and what do they mean for us?

Well I can tell you now that one of them will be Sevco facing a lengthy European football ban.

Yesterday, the Offshore Game published an addendum to their stunning report into these issues, a document which clarified certain issues. But it also mentioned the UEFA disciplinary committee and its remit to punish clubs after the fact.

I’d heard that might be a possibility in this case a week or two ago. I had been planning to write a piece on the day after the cup final, if Sevco had won, but of course that game went far better than many of us had expected.

But the issue is now starting to come to light anyway. People are beginning to open their eyes to the true consequences should Celtic fans and the club manage to compel a UEFA inquiry into these matters.

This explains a few things about the last week, and in particular the reason Sevco is going on the offensive over the level of “hate” they have to endure. For these things are all connected, all entwined, and people at Ibrox are laying the groundwork for a fresh PR campaign in the event their club is hauled before the beaks.

It will be the most important PR offensive in their history.

Over the last couple of years I’ve written extensively on what we refer to as The Victim Myth, but never more so than over the last few days.

That myth has been allowed to grow to monstrous proportions and at the centre of it is the notion that all of Scotland is determined to hurt their club and that we all played a role in the destruction of the OldCo and would happily send the NewCo the same way.

In the last week I’ve written numerous pieces in response to these fantastic and paranoid claims, but as I wrote every word I knew there was more to them than simple self pity.

When you consider that at the same time as this wailing is going on in the background, that board members have been telling the press that the game has to “move on” you see more to their bitching than might at first be plain.

Go ever further, consider that King himself actually openly criticised the Resolution 12 guys earlier this month, accusing them of having an agenda. Why would he say that, if these issues were not able to impact Sevco?

It’s here that you start to see the outlines of what’s really going on behind the scenes.

People at Sevco are worried about this campaign.

Aside from the Victim Myth, the other toxic issue at the centre of Scottish football is that other great lie on which so much of our game is built; the Survival Myth.

Anyone familiar with these issues knows this one is a real article of faith for many of them. In fact, some of them have accused those of us who scotch it of using “dehumanising language” to refer to them.

I call them Sevconians. They object to that word. Others call them zombies. They object to that even more strongly. One demented article from yesterday appeared to compare the atmosphere in Scottish football to that in Nazi Germany with the Sevconians in the role of the Jews.

It’s an offensive idea, and not just because of how over the top and crass it is. After all, there’s only one club in this country who’s fans stand accused of having used the hated salute of Hitler’s despotic regime; I’ll give you a clue. It isn’t Dundee.

These sort of articles are intended to wed the Victim and Survival Myths, and fuse them into one, and they are a recent addition to the Sevco PR arsenal.

Believe me when I tell you that’s not a coincidence.

Until this week, when the Victim Myth was hyper-charged, I had believed the Survival Myth to be far and away the more damaging and corrupting of the two. In some ways it still is, but it’s not as dangerous to wider society as this notion that their support are social pariahs, “denied their human rights” as that hysterical piece yesterday alleged.

The Survival Myth is hateful not only because it denies reality but it places our game in mortal peril. If this is idea is followed to its natural conclusion clubs which overspend will know they can dump debts, reform and carry on as before.

It will allow guys like Whyte to come and go as they please, looting clubs like a business at the centre of a Mafia style “planned bankruptcy” before walking away knowing the football authorities will barely blink an eye.

It would be open season for con artists, charlatans, even organised crime groups, to come in and use Scottish football for all manner of schemes and scams, and we can’t survive the damage that would do.

Yet at the heart of the Survival Myth and its inherent contradictions, I always believed there were dangers for the club itself.

When Mike Ashley’s loans were all that was keeping their lights on and he seemed as if he might get the whole thing in his grip I wrote that the Survival Myth and this daft idea the holding company and the club were two separate things had created a deadly possibility; that the holding company might well end up in the hands of someone who made a similar distinction. With no ownership over its own stadium, image rights, intellectual property or merchandising the club would be no more than animals in a circus, there to provide the entertainment to a dwindling band of followers, with the company cutting accordingly.

I still think it’s the most stupid – and potentially deadly – separation of a football club and the people who run it that I’ve ever heard of.

How close did Sevco come to ending up just like that? At one point Ashley had an iron grip on nearly the lot of it but ironically the club itself was too unsure about its own hold over the stadium to grant it to him as loan security.

What underpins the Survival Myth is the Five Way Agreement and it’s here the current problems for Sevco exist and present the gravest danger should Celtic fans succeed and UEFA open an investigation into the granting of the European license for 2011-12.

Because that document, whilst giving Sevco a “no title stripping” guarantee, also forced them to accept certain things. The key one was that it should assume responsibility for any “football penalties” the SFA chose to levy.

In the end a dirty, grubby deal was done and those penalties amounted to nothing … but it’s in there, in black and white, and nothing anyone does can change it now.

One of the funniest things in all of football is listening to a Sevco fan or journalist try to square the circle of liquidation and death and the “continuation of history.”

The current club is always trying to distance itself from the old one did, but they want all the good bits for themselves.

The SFA tried to ride the middle of the road on the issue too and it still sits uneasily on the perch where they placed it.

The Resolution 12 guys can blow that all to Hell.

If UEFA opens an investigation into these events – as looks increasingly likely – they will ask for all the information that’s in the public domain and a lot more besides. If they conclude that people with-held information from them there will be sanctions.

Some of those sanctions will fall on the SFA, as the licensing body. Associations have been heavily fined by UEFA for their failures to get to the bottom of licensing disclosures.

But UEFA will also punish the club, and that’s where life becomes interesting.

Because they’ll ask the SFA whether it stands by the claim that Sevco and Rangers are one in the same. What the SFA says in response will dictate whether the Survival Myth is reversed or whether its tenants are upheld.

UEFA do not make the club – company distinction, and they never have, but in handing down a punishment they will be guided by SFA conventions. One of the big issues the SFA will face is the legally binding “Five Way Agreement” wherein whatever they argue, they and the club will still be bound by its numerous clauses, one of which is that Sevco will accept any “football punishment” levied on Rangers.

And then there’s the Survival Myth itself. The SFA cannot escape a choice on that and if they uphold the Survival Myth UEFA will drop the hammer on Ibrox and there’s simply no way anyone can mount an argument against it.

The NewCo will be banned from European competition from anywhere between one and three years. There will be little prospect of an appeal, because the only defence Sevco and the SFA will have is the one they have been busily destroying for the past few years, that these actions were carried out by another club.

Just making that argument will burn the Survival Myth to the ground once and for all and fully vindicate all we’ve said these past few years, which is why the SFA and Sevco are going to have no choice but to stick to their guns on this, to pretend the Ibrox club is still Rangers and take whatever’s coming their way. For either organisation to reverse course on this issue now would be devastating for them.

Had Sevco won the Scottish Cup this would have been looming in front of them all summer long. As it is, the issue remains but it’s no longer one that will disrupt anyone’s passport application process.

Yet I fully expect that before next season starts Europe’s governing body will be well on the way to a decision in this matter and that decision may well have horrendous consequences for the Dodgy Dave King business plan, which is heavily reliant on European footballing income for the club’s very survival.

This coming season will be Year 5 away from that stage. It is not inconceivable that Sevco might spend its first decade without ever playing a game on the continental stage, still paying the price for what its predecessor club did.

I personally don’t think that’s fair.

From the beginning I’ve argued that footballing sanctions shouldn’t be applied to Sevco, that it’s a perversion of natural justice to punish one for the sins of the other just because they play out of the same stadium and wear the same jersey … but through all that time I’ve been told that I’m wrong, that I’m motivated by hate, that the clubs are one and the same. The press and the SFA have backed that line to the hilt.

In the bed they’ve made, now let them lie.

A reckoning is coming, as many of us suspected it would.

The Resolution 12 guys didn’t know this when they opened the can of worms.

It wasn’t even on their radar, far less an objective of the campaign.

But Celtic grasped it quickly and part of their low-key public response was based on that. The SFA and Sevco understood it just as fast, which is why the stonewall strategy came first and now the elevation of the Victim Myth goes into high gear, and with it one last plea for people to “forget the past” and move on.

In this case, the past is like a murder victim, lying in a shallow unmarked grave. Sooner or later someone was always going to stumble over it, and then an investigation would start. Whatever evidence there is out there will find its way to the right place and when people in positions of authority start to piece it together we’re going to see a show.

Then punishment will follow, like night follows day.

At a time when the mainstream media can’t even be trusted to cover the biggest sports story in the history of this island sites like this one are more important than ever. If you are able to, and you want to help real Scottish football journalism, and not the sort you get in the tabloids, you can make a donation by clicking the link below.


James Forrest

James Forrest is a writer and blogger from Glasgow, and the author of two books, Fragments and Believers, which are available on Amazon.

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  • 28 May, 2016 at 12:11 pm

    Leave no stone unturned god bless keep up the good work let the truth free

  • 28 May, 2016 at 12:21 pm

    He’ll mend them. I for one won’t lose any sleep over what is coming their way and by that I mean both the sfa and sevco. They have brought it all on themselves. ????

  • 28 May, 2016 at 12:46 pm

    We can only hope that UEFA dont punish ALL scottish clubs because of the SFAs involvement in this clusterf*** ,

  • 28 May, 2016 at 12:48 pm

    James, many thanks for a brilliant article. Long may you continue on this topic until justice is done. I remember the articles by Angela demolishing the continuity/ separation topic,in the face of Sevconian fury, and decided to study Company law about the consequences of liquidation. Angela was right, there is NO separation because the club is the instrument/mechanism through which the company conducts its business. Any other idea is ludicrous. No wonder the SFA et all are in a hole!

  • 28 May, 2016 at 12:58 pm


  • 19 July, 2016 at 10:37 am

    Exposing all this can only help our wonderful game,Its been going on for years.If this is whats been revealed,There is a lot more besides.HH.

  • 20 July, 2016 at 3:20 am

    Believe me when i say this,I am deeply ashamed of the way me amngst other team members that i cant name at the moment,Due to legal liabilities.Cnducted ourselves during the EBT double wages bonus bumper Packages we all benefitted from on a monthly basis,For Years.Ibdidnt realise at the time,I was stealing out of My Queens purse.The millions i made at Oldco Rangers are well gone,ie Wife needed a new washing machine etc.We had to go down that route.Was the only way to keep up with the Mighty Tims.Sir David Murray told me to say nout and all the rest the same.We had been Spewing for Years at Celticsvgreat and Wonderful History.Those were the days,9 in a Row.We are the only team to equal Celtics 9 in a Row.Not a lot f Oldco knws that,The whole of our Hunnery thinks we did it first.Anyhooo ibstill laugh at Celtic fans trying to cmpare Henrik Larson to ur Kris Boyd.I mean ffs there just isnt any comparison whatsoever.Boyd even got a mega deal at the Timbers in America so he did,Kncking back Stirling Albion in the process.He got another mega mega MEGA deal that took him to Real Kilmarnock,While Larson languished with Barcelona and won the Champions League.Old Fergie took Larson to Man U aswell,Financially Boyd was just out of Manchester Uniteds reach.Alex Ferguson has remained bitter to this day about that whole Larson Byd fiasco.Now lok at Sevco,Signed Joey Barton as a Tribute to me.Mark Warburton even loksvlike King Walter Smith,Comarisons will always be made between Oldco and Our sister club Sevconia..We urnae Zombies so wurno.Club got ran intae the grun coz we tried to surpass the Tims History by any means necessary.Its jis no fare we got fun oot and jus no fare if we goat awra tainted titles took affae us.Cannae take them anyhoo cozvwe nuvva wun thum so webdidnae )p.Wit aboot Boumsong s he gettin telt aswel.its no fare if am the nly wan tae pay back awrat lollie.Aw ah can say is,If Sellick didnae win aw ray titles n a Bg Cup,Glesga Rangers widnae huv died so they widnae huv.Its Sellicks Fawlt.Blame Them.Thay wun thum aw before us.

  • 20 July, 2016 at 3:49 am

    We in the SFA,Conduct our business behind locked doors with the addition of our familiar handshake,Our Kabbal is like a Brotherhood.Everything in the ublic domain is mere heresay and gestures of Masonic Overtures are absurd,Our fellow custodians of the Orange Order and Loyalist Union Deny any knowledge or wrong doing to the Scottish game.Anyone who is found to be stating otherwise will be threatened with kneecappings and letterbombs etc.Oldco and our Brotherhood do not i repeat Do Not take kindly to being made to look like Liars Thieves and downright LOWLIFES.anyone reading thisvwith an opinion risks mortal danger.If your opinion fits in with our Agenda contact Kng Dave at Castle Brassneck

  • 7 August, 2016 at 11:21 am

    Going for 55???55 what exactly.The Rangers were Liquidated now they have the Absurd Brass Neckedness to insist they still have Oldco History.No matter what Sevco or there Brethren over at SFA think r state.Its Nonsense.The only club Ever in the history of the game to try and attemp to get 55 titles in 4 or 5 years.Only n Govania were the Zombiconians Abide and thoughts of Grandeur Flourish in there Demented Nappers.Theyre actually serious about winning the Premier.lolololololololol.

  • 7 August, 2016 at 11:54 am

    Is it any wonder our game is the laugh a minute that it is.I for one of millions really hope this shower of Keek get whats coming to them.Every other team in the Premier can hold there heads high and be proud,Atleast they play with decency and fairness.Remember the days these Cretins are to blame for denying every team in our Premier a level fair playing policy.The lengths theyve gone to,To make it lok oike they were the massive Club who signed all the best players,And knew they didnt have the dough at all to achieve success without Skimming the Books.Celtic dont need to do that,We won the Big cup with 11 Scots.Not gloating just stating a Fact.Goog luck with this Res 12.Hopefully these Parasites cant get a decent sleep at night.HH

  • 7 August, 2016 at 11:55 am

    Every one of them are Dodgy.They need Chased out of our Game

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