Our Anger Over This Continuing “Old Firm” Insult Is What Must Drive Us On Today.

Celtic F.C.Today Sevco will play against Celtic at our home ground, for the very first time. Two matches at Hampden against a Ronny Deila team have lulled some of these players into a false sense of security. Some of them have never been in an atmosphere like this in their lives.

The media has hyped this game up, as they will forever more. I’m resigned to that fact, but it should give us the upper hand more often than not, because as long as we’re in front of their club they are the ones who have to rise to the occasion.

I don’t want to get into knocking Ronny today; that’s an era at our club that delivered two titles and he deserves credit for that. But in two matches against Sevco we never once showed the limits of our superiority, except for a spell in the first one. It was as if, in that tie, we played within ourselves, treating it as a simple exercise in going through.

I was delighted at the time, but it’s burned me since. We ought to have stuck six past them that day, and I will never fully understand what stopped us from doing so. They were a demoralised shambles, ripe for us handing out a right good tanking.

The second game was a disgrace, pure and simple, with the most negative tactics I’ve ever seen administered by a Celtic boss in a domestic cup match. Back in the days when Rangers were around, I saw Celtic managers who went into those games spectacularly outgunned, but until Hampden last year I never saw one go out and play for a draw.

Brendan Rodgers is not Ronny Deila; he understands what drives our club. He gets it, and as long as the media wants to call this a Celtic – Rangers game, I expect him to approach it as if it were, whilst understanding that we’re much the superior team. In short, I expect him to feel the same raw emotion as we do, the same will to administer the football equivalent of a punishment beating today. This mob are more than just jumped up upstarts; they are vain, arrogant, boastful, prideful and in need of bringing rapidly, and painfully, back to Earth.

Today should hurt. Today should be psychologically wrecking. We should start at high speed and not stop until the final whistle. Don’t get me wrong, I believe Barcelona in midweek is a much more important game, but that should not be used as an excuse or a reason to be soft today. Our players and our manager know how important this one is.

The existence of Sevco, playing in the guise of Rangers, the assertion that they are one in the same, is an insult to every club in the land, but Celtic especially.

Because we’re the club who was damaged most in the era of Ibrox cheating, and we are the club the media endlessly tries to shoehorn into this corrupt notion of a rivalry based on hate, and it doesn’t matter what we as supporters say or do. This website has written a thousand times that we want nothing to do with this. I wrote it on E-Tims and on The CelticBlog, and every other Celtic blogger is unanimous in saying the same.

I can’t put it more plainly than to say this; every single word I’ve written on that club in the last four years has been a reaction to this debased idea. As a Celtic fan and a Celtic blogger I do not want any part in this media inspired, PR fantasy and I don’t care whether they call themselves after the OldCo, accept they’re a NewCo or get fully on board, at last, with the facts as we know them; just leave us out of it.

Stop trying to drag us into your grubby circle.

I care about the Survival Lie only inasmuch as it affects Celtic and the reason I am such a passionate advocate of calling this what it is, is that as long as the media pretends they are Rangers they will drag us into the swamp chained to the hated Old Firm term.

So, I suggest this; if the media and their supporters put their guns away, I’ll put away mine. I’ll stop banging on about them being a NewCo. Hell, I’ll even stop calling them Sevco. As long as they accept, at last, that Celtic fans could care less, and just want shot of them.

Take this millstone from around our necks, consign that ugly phrase and loathed tag to the dustbin of history, treat this like just another game, and as far as I’m concerned they can get on with pretending to be whatever the Hell they want and I’ll be as happy to indulge their fantasy as I would be to grant the local glue sniffer his fairies at the bottom of the garden.

Because all I care about is the well-being of my club, and this rancid association and its toxic connotations has been smothering us for far too long.

Back in 2012, when liquidation and death overwhelmed them, any number of their fans and media apologists clung to the idea that, deep down, we needed them and wanted them, as if they were necessary to validate our own existence.

Over the four years of Sevco, one of the things that’s bothered them most is the slow dawning realisation that we weren’t even remotely kidding … if they’d been swallowed up completely and no version of them ever rose again, we wouldn’t have missed them far less mourned them.

They call us obsessed anyway, not recognising for a second that nearly every single word on this blog and others in relation to them has been written from the perspective of people who are happy their club is dead and would be even happier if no version of it existed at all. They can call that hate as they like, but I’ve seen what real hate looks like.

I grew up sharing a city and a country with it, and it didn’t flow from their ordinary supporters, amongst whose ranks I’ve had colleagues, relations, great love affairs and lifelong friendships. No, it flowed from the institution itself, because it was built on that emotion, marketed on it and for years thrived by sucking greedily at every morsel of that hate which spilled into the public sphere. I am entitled to hate the institution a little because of it.

What was it Liam Neeson said in Michael Collins?

“I do hate them. I hate them for making hate necessary.”

When Sevco was formed, it had a chance to consign that hate to the grave.

It didn’t.

It used it as a foundation stone, and so along with the Survival Lie the Victim Lie was born.

They say that Scottish football depends on them, and Celtic most of all.

Paul67 is the guy I credit with best getting right to the heart of the matter; “Whichever part of my club is dependent on Rangers, I am quite willing to lose,” he said, in 2012. He spoke for a great many of us that day, almost every single person I know.

But one of the many truths they just can’t face is that Scottish football thrived without all this, even as every day at Ibrox there was another psychodrama in the media. Four long years of their dirty laundry, hanging out there for everyone to see, as they struggled to stay relevant in a world which wouldn’t have given a shit that they were there at all but for the constant wailing, like a child trying to get attention.

Yet strip it all down and what do you find?

You find the real obsession.

You find the real dependency.

It’s all tied up in the Old Firm tag.

Because they are like a junkie who just can’t kick the habit.

They need it, like a vampire needs blood; they need it for their very survival.

You never read reference to the Old Firm on Celtic sites unless, like here, we’re denying we want any part of it, but it is promoted, endlessly, on theirs, along with the pitiful, almost pleading, suggestion that without it we’d be less than what we are … which is their way of admitting that without it they would be absolutely nothing at all.

Because they do define themselves by this rivalry, and in the end it’s all they’ve got, the one thing they cling to that makes them important in a world that otherwise would have passed them by a long, long time ago. Their backward, irredeemably narrow appeal renders them insignificant without the Old Firm name because without that who outside of Scotland would even care they existed at all?

I believe Celtic survives quite well without it.

Our existence as a football club and a social institution neither relies on nor is helped by an ugly PR invention at the end of which are fist-fights and stabbings and drunken yobs fighting in the street and the promotion over and over and over again of blind hate.

Today I want us to win, and I want us to win big, and it’s not because they are our biggest rivals.

It’s because they aren’t.

It’s not because we’re participants, willing or otherwise, in this rivalry they call the Old Firm.

It’s because we’re not and we don’t want to be.

I want the win, the big win, because I want to be done with this nonsense once and for all, and I’ve come to believe that the best way to do is to expose the lie for what it is, but not by UEFA letters or media admissions, or changing the minds of their ridiculous fans … the best way to do it is to burst the fantasy bubble, to expose this idea to the ridicule it deserves, to destroy the notion that this is a rivalry at all.

Because once that illusion is gone, I think the Ibrox operation will collapse, and then we might well get what we should have in 2012 … a world where the Old Firm tag is never used to define our football club again.

If there was ever a good reason for wanting to see our team win a game, that’s surely it.

In Brendan We Trust.

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James Forrest

James Forrest is a writer and blogger from Glasgow, and the author of two books, Fragments and Believers, which are available on Amazon.

9 thoughts on “Our Anger Over This Continuing “Old Firm” Insult Is What Must Drive Us On Today.

  • 10 September, 2016 at 7:53 am

    Today’s game is more important to me than the Barca game which TBH I think we’ll probably lose but today is a great chance to put this mob firmly where they belong.
    I just hope Brendan sees the importance of it.

  • 10 September, 2016 at 8:13 am

    Today I want us to win, and I want us to win big, and it’s not because they are our biggest rivals.

    It’s because they aren’t.

    Never a truer word James, irrelevant in every moment.

    A good day to remind us all Well done

  • 10 September, 2016 at 8:51 am

    Excellent post. Agree totally.I am disappointed we as a group of fans, in totality, have not completely boycotted this fixture. Participation in it, in part, legitimises them and the inaction of our horrible Tory board, who are up tot heir dirty necks in the survival lie. A completely empty staium with thousands outside protesting would grab the headliens much more than a football game. It would be a greater message that we completely reject the Old Firm tag. But the truth is, too many of our own are looking forward to it and revel in it. Me, not attending, not watching. May seem pointless but I reject their continuation and will not participate in any way in recognising them. Believe me we are defeating ourselves by walking into the stadium today. ,

  • 10 September, 2016 at 9:38 am

    I never comment on any of these sites.However, after reading the above article I feel compelled to do so. I’ve read so many articles, blogs,opinions over the last few years about our former rivals that I eventually felt pretty ambivalent about all. I would have been thrilled to have been able to put out this piece of work. It sums up the feelings of anger, disgust and even despair that I feel towards the whole debacle. We have always been a completely entity to our old rivals. We are an outward looking club with a solid raison d’être. I take great comfort knowing that will never change. I hope today that not only do we win but win convincingly to put down the marker of what lies ahead. If we do, I’m confident that Sevco, will struggle to finish in third place.

  • 10 September, 2016 at 10:08 am

    I don’t allways agree with you James but that’s a healthy viewpoint , to blindly agree with everything is a sevconian attribute I neither want or need but I digress , this blog is spot on and hits every point well done HH

  • 10 September, 2016 at 3:12 pm

    You got what you and many others hoped for.

    Shatter the illusion because reality might be much better.

  • 12 September, 2016 at 5:41 am

    Bang on, James.
    Since 2012 the club at Ibrox has always had its sights on Celtic, even when they were labouring against Forfar and Stirling Albion with a squad of overpaid mediocrities. It’s an utter delusion and I enjoy seeing them being exposed for the shambles they are.

  • 15 September, 2016 at 12:59 am

    Totally agree with everything you wrote my hubby is Celtic daft always has been & really hates the fact its called old firm derby just wish that had died with the mighty Glasgow rangers sevco just may have been a good club .

  • 15 September, 2016 at 7:15 pm

    Not sure why this came up in my feed, but I read some of your drivel. The hate in you is strong, and it’s people like you (on both sides of the OLD FIRM) that keep the hatred growing. Yea, unfortunately we have our share of morons, but they pale in comparison to your lot. It must hurt that every institution has said that RANGERS are the same team with the same history, but unfortunately you can’t handle that. It’s people like you that hung those effigies up and showed the whole world how ignorant and disgusting some of your fans are. Get off your high horse, RANGERS are back, the OLD FIRM is back, so deal with it. It might take a few years, but we will only get bigger and stronger. If you can’t handle the pressure, you might want to stop watching and listening when RANGERS play your team.

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