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174388-spl-chief-executive-neil-doncasterSo Scotland’s favourite paper (if you like the truth stretched, like elastic, until it snaps) has done a full interview with Scottish football’s favourite administrator, in which he says that league reconstruction is back on the agenda again.

The headline makes that quite clear.

The accompanying story (separate from the interview itself) makes it quite clear.

The issue is being debated by the clubs, so says this piece, in a manner that strongly suggests that Doncaster himself said so.

Except he didn’t.

Brace yourselves for what you’re about to read. I am going to do something I’ve never done before in the history of On Fields of Green.

I am going to write an article defending Neil Doncaster.

Before I do, let me say that I read the headline with a weary shake of the head, because, as we’re all well aware, the scenario The Daily Record appears to be laying out – that some form of league reconstruction which, deliberately or not, rescues Sevco from itself – well, it’s not impossible to imagine.

Indeed, many of our bloggers suspected they’d try and pull it off.

It seems to me that each and every time Sevco’s predicament has been precarious over the last few years, Neil Doncaster has been touting league reconstruction, in an effort to steady their investors, put steel in their share price and give a timely boost to their fans.

So when I saw their online headlines this morning my first thought was simply this; “Again? How many more times do these people want to turn our national sport upside down for the sake of one goddamned club?”

But you know what? Then I read the piece by Jackson that accompanies the interview.

It offers no contradiction at all to the headline in question; indeed, it repeats the assertion that league reconstruction is being discussed by the clubs. “Shocking,” I thought.

Then I read the interview itself.

And I’m damned if I didn’t come away from it thinking “Neil my old son, you’ve been done up like a kipper here …”

See, the way I read it there’s only person pushing this league reconstruction idea during the interview, and that’s our good friend Keith Jackson. And some of it reads very much like a “but is it possible you could please, please, please, please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE, do it in time for next season so a certain club comes up without any more trauma?”

I’m serious. That’s the general tone.

Doncaster says more than once during the course of it that the 12 team league is the preferred option of the clubs. He makes it clear that there’s a “lock in” period that binds that setup together in its current form until the end of next season.

He says that a 16 team league is virtually a non-starter, and we know the reasons because he’s already given them a hundred times in a hundred interviews; clubs want to play Celtic more than twice.

The prospect is “unlikely” he says. Simple as that.

But Jackson’s own article says something completely different to this.

“The chief executive then admitted another massive shake-up is on the cards as clubs consider ditching the current 12 team top flight for a 10 or 16 team division – and introducing summer football with a revamped League Cup,” he says.

And of course, none of that is even remotely true.

You have to distort Doncaster’s actual statements to the point where they look like Ian Ferguson to get that from what he said.

For a start, is this actually under consideration?

Of course not.

The clubs won’t discuss it until the current setup is near to running down the clock. It has a full season still to go and so there’s no urgent need to debate the issue at the moment.

What about the revamped League Cup?

On the cards, as Jackson said?

“Not specifically,” Doncaster says, before going on to say that people can debate things but that they don’t actually change until someone tables a proposal and clubs vote on it.

In other words, newspaper journalists wishing for it doesn’t make it so.

Moving the tournament to the summer? Anything on that?

“We should look at it and work with the clubs to see what they want.” Doncaster says. No more than that. It should be looked at it. Not “it’s going to be the first line on the first sheet of paper at the next meeting of the league.”

Jackson’s article has already gone from being what Doncaster said to being what Keith Jackson would like him to have said.

Then he asks the SPFL CEO what his own ideal league structure would be.

Doncaster says that anything that led to more games would be wrong, whereas less games would be alright by him and probably alright by the clubs.

Jackson, not Doncaster, but Jackson himself, is the one who brings up 16 teams.

I’ll quote Jackson in full here, so you know what I’m saying is right.

“The cynic in me says you want a 16-team top division. And even more cynical folk out there might think this is a possible safety net if Rangers don’t get up this season. Could you change the league structure this summer?”

The cynic in me thinks this was Keith trying to get the concept of Sevco going up via reconstruction onto the table for discussion. He’s saying, in a sense, “people will question it, but what’s the chances of it being done?”

Doncaster says none.

He adds, “The first time meaningful change could occur would be next summer and any change will only come through consensus.”

Jackson, by now nearly on his knees, desperate for the answer he wants, asks;

“But are you leaving the door open to change this summer?”

And Doncaster tries to let him down gently.

“You would need unanimity from all 42 clubs if you were looking for change in time for next season,” he says. “Realistically, I don’t see that unanimity happening in time for next season.”

On the future of the league setup, Doncaster was equally straightforward.

“With a 12-team league, if you play each team four times a season you end up with 44 games. Twice is only 22 games. Neither is the right number … the split was a way of finding a decent number of games within a 12-team structure. To date, no-one’s come up with a better way of doing it.”

It is, in fact, a full blooded defence of the present setup, and one which he agrees has critics but has not, yet, seen anyone propose a different option that gives teams what they want.

So there will be no artificial help for Sevco.

There will be no summer football.

There will be no League Cup changes.

There will be no league reconstruction.

There is no prospect of a smaller or bigger top flight because the clubs don’t support it.

Has the issue been discussed?

Of course not.

But none of that would have been news.

None of that would got Jackson his one day headlines.

None of it was of any comfort to Sevco fans who realise their side needs SPL football next season, and might not be good enough to get there on merit.

So Jackson wrote an article changing all that, throwing them a bone, distorting Doncaster’s actual statements and virtually turning on its head every word the guy said to him.

I think Neil Doncaster is a clown of the first rate.

He ought to have been gone a long time ago.

Yesterday he sealed a two year deal with a sports betting company – 24 hours after I wrote a lengthy piece about gambling and match fixing for this site; how mad is that? – and for once was having a relatively good day on the job.

But that was before he sat down with The Daily Record.

Quite why anyone speaks to this newspaper, with their propensity for doing exactly this, I really will never, ever know.

It has to be the worst newspaper in the world bar none.

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James Forrest

James Forrest is a writer and blogger from Glasgow, and the author of two books, Fragments and Believers, which are available on Amazon.

6 thoughts on “Going On The Record

  • 14 May, 2015 at 1:41 pm

    Great stuff. Couldn\’t agree more. Keith Jackson posted an excitable tweet last night, ran a trailer piece that gave a particular impression of what Doncaster said, and then published the actual interview, wherein his \”commentary\” was shown to be \”disingenuous\” (I am being kind!)

    My thoughts are here…


    Keep up the good work!

  • 14 May, 2015 at 1:43 pm

    Some weird punctuation seems to have broken out in my previous comment!

  • 14 May, 2015 at 1:43 pm

    Jackson’s interview is the good news headlines The Peepul desire after the ‘Ashley wants his money back’ headlines of yesterday.
    The need to tout Sevco to ‘where they belong’ will continue until they achieve success in the top league.
    Like his fellow churnalists in Scotland, little Keith (ex-bedroom partner of Michelle McManus) strives for his beloved club to have a major trophy in its cabinet, at someone else’s expense.
    You’d think those lodge meetings were busy enough picking referees for Sevco games, but no, they want to guide the whole of Scottish football whilst wearing their silly aprons and trouser legs at half mast.

    On the sponsorship deal, how long before the calls for the betting rules in Scottish football to be relaxed, before or after the next Sevco player is charged with betting?

  • 15 May, 2015 at 5:58 am

    Sorry but gerry q your last post bordering on sectarian bile and exposing your true reason for posting online.

  • 15 May, 2015 at 12:01 pm

    I bet that will be RC Ogilvie’s last proposal before he disappears from Hampden.
    Gon yersel big Mike!!

  • 19 May, 2015 at 11:24 am

    Slow news week on FPP for the Daily Radar hence the daily threads on league restructuring.
    The whole thing is nonsense as the clubs know that any attempt to create an environment to fit Sevco into the top league will result in fans walking away in droves.
    They don’t get it….16 team league, 18 team league? What if Sevco are sitting in 19th or 20th place in the pecking order, what then? A 22 team league…..and so it goes on.
    It’s amazing that King has not jetted in to view the play offs……..possibly the most important games in the short history of the new club.
    Perhaps he’s had the nod that as soon as he steps on UK soil that he and Murray will be helping police with their enquiries into the misinformation spouted pre EGM, the subsequent delisting and loss of several million pounds by major shareholders overnight.

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