Dave King And Sevco: Stuck In Lodi Again

JS65868640Tonight Dave King has released a quite unhinged, unprompted statement “updating the fans” on the club’s relationship with Sports Direct.

The statement itself is ludicrous, self-righteous twaddle.

It’s mixed with vague threats they can’t possibly hope to deliver on, but once parsed basically says “we were unhappy last time we spoke about this and we’re still unhappy and apart from that nothing has actually changed”.

That it’s come tonight is, however, enlightening.

Today someone sent me an article Keith Jackson wrote for The Daily Record, an article in which he’s asking some of the questions sites like this one were asking months ago. It’s equally instructive to note that Jackson and his paper echo those predictions whilst continuing to pour scorn on others.

For now let’s just congratulate them on having got here at all, as late in the day (and it’s later than many think) as it is.

As Jackson says in his piece, it’s been a while now since King and his cohort breezed into town on the back of good press that made you think we were witnessing a liberating army sweeping aside a corrupt and bitter regime. What happened was that they replaced a Sevco board which had been forced to take soft loans to keep the lights on. Nothing more.

Now, months on, they’re taking soft loans to keep on the lights.

But of course, these are Real Rangers Men … so that makes everything okay, right?

I love the media’s ignorant reporting on stuff involving this lot. They just never get past the notion that somewhere, out there, are a load of multi-millionaires with King Billy tattooed on their backsides.

They can’t get their heads around the simple truth; Sevco is a West of Scotland football team that continuously loses money, and no-one is willing to bail it out, far less finance the next European adventure, with their own cold hard cash.

And, sooner or later, that means the lights will go out at the Big House.

One of the great rumours doing the rounds is that they’re finally trying to cut costs and that part of this is scaling back on their public relations.

How satisfying if true.

Traynor and his buddies must have thought they were onto a permanent winner there, a long-term, lifetime, meal ticket.

I would hope all Sevco fans are delighted that’s not the case.

But of course, King, who’s always been able to afford (or at least count on) good press will know that old political adage about the media; either you feed the beast, or the beast feeds on you.

Is that, maybe, why we’re here tonight?

Has Traynor been onto his buddy at The Record and suggested the time has come – now his own contract’s been cancelled – to start digging?

It’s comi-tragic in a way. Jackson’s article talks about how quiet things are at Ibrox right now, something I’ve suggested isn’t good news (the Titanic went down in calm seas, after all) only for this to erupt tonight, out of the blue.

There’s a wee comical aphorism that we used to toss around back when I worked for Glasgow City Council in the Parks; real work plus appearance of work equals actual work.

That’s never been more true than it is in the case of those who’ve been running the show at Ibrox these past eight or nine months. Tonight looks like nothing more than the “appearance of action” in an effort to make them look busy on important stuff, just to silence the one piece of media questioning they’ve had to deal with in that time.

King isn’t a man who wants scrutiny of any kind, you see. And when someone doesn’t want people to know what’s actually going on … well, that’s when people start trying to find out what is going on. If only we could rely on our hacks to take the next, logical step.

Sevco is pretty near to being skint if it isn’t skint already.

Phil’s been writing about their financial tribulations for a while now, and one of the things he keeps on hinting at, and was still hinting at today, is how little appetite there is in the Blue Room for anyone on the board to carry this financial basket case with their own cash.

Jackson’s article “presumes” that the money will come from the so-called Three Bears.

Ha! How nice it must be to spend other people’s cold hard cash in such a way.

If it was you in that room, how keen would you be to dip into your own pockets – again – when the loudmouth in the chairman’s seat (only when he can be bothered, living as his does in another country) is yet to put his hand in his?

Not very, I’d suggest, as Phil has been saying for a while.

And if not them, then who?

Where’s the cash coming from?

We’ve already been over why it can’t come from the fans.

Tonight’s barmy rant was, when trimmed down, about how little of their merchandising wonga they get to keep, so that avenue is closed off as a serious fund raiser. Season tickets are already sold. A cup of tea at Ibrox is plenty expensive but they’d need to tie up a 500 year contract for the Women’s Institute annual get-together to make much of a difference that way (and some of where that money goes will be discussed in a courtroom pretty soon if I’m reading the landscape right).

Which leaves a share issue.

Which said court case makes impossible.

This is a monumental mess, and when even Jackson’s notoriously funky radar is bleeping you know trouble is now where people can see it, and that it’s only the tip of the iceberg peeking above the water.

The real game changing stuff is still hidden from view, but just below the surface.

His article says that the club will only need two or three million in external funding to get them through the season; that assertion ought to be viewed with about as much scepticism as a Del Trotter Money Back Guarantee.

Previous boards have had to source funding two or three times that in the course of a season; nothing at Ibrox is cheaper than it was then, and with all these people they’ve just added to the payroll you best believe the wage bill is climbing again at a merry old clip.

And who are these people anyway?

Oh that’s right, one is “the guy who found Raheem Sterling” because, of course, without him wee Raheem would be working in the local Greggs selling the last steak bake before Ally could get to it.

Tonight, our intrepid media is regurgitating the King press release like it’s The Ten Commandments.

Most are suggesting that this is King getting tough.

So job done then, and proof that you don’t need PR people to get good PR, not when you have a compliant media that will swallow anything.

Jesus wept … I mean, the coverage this club gets is unfailingly positive all the time.

And they wonder why crisis keeps on creeping up to the front door and kicking it in like a police raid at four in the morning.

The bottom line is that tonight Dave King has torn himself away from his latest South African self-assessment to respond to an article in a newspaper few read and even fewer believe, but which this time decided to fulfil its one basic function.

When it comes right down to it, this is an act of fear because this club hasn’t moved an inch from when he took over, in spite of all the positive headlines.

There’s a great Creedence Clearwater Revival song about a guitar player who visits a nowhere town called Lodi. He ends up stuck there for months because he hasn’t got the cash to leave again. A lot of people inside Ibrox right now can certainly relate.

Here this club is, back where it was before, unable to move on.

No amount of attempted spin can hide that.

“Oh lord. Stuck in Lodi again.”

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  1. Reports state that they are now considering putting off the proposed share issue until they win promotion to the top flight on the grounds that it will make them a more attractive proposition to prospective investors and allow for a higher share price. As the song goes: “Who do you think you’re kidding….?”

  2. It suits guys like Jaxhun and co not tae print the truth,if they did so then they’d be out of a job,asap.
    The Zombies are the only clowns out there who still buy the Wreckord and the S** and are so thick tae believe the crap the journos tell them,they never learn,they despise John James because he tells it like it is,long may their stupidity continue.

  3. I believe you could get the Hibees at 16/1 to win the Championship at the beginning of the season,beginning to look like a steel,would you not think…………..

  4. Enjoyed that read James…. As they are near skint and if no other funds are found have the SB buying fans any redress with the current board for buying a product and only getting half of what they paid for when the doors are eventually locked?

  5. I\’ve just found your site thanks to a plug from the Clumpany. Great read, most enjoyable. Keep on doing what you\’re doing.

    And to all you Tim\’s out there, it\’s time to stock up on jelly and ice cream because you\’ll be needing it real soon.

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