Premier League? Yer havin’ a laugh

Many football fans will no doubt agree that the Barclays English Premiership appears to be losing its appeal as season 2012/13 draws to a close.

What could be best described as a “decent” Manchester United side ran away with this year’s Championship, with City, Chelsea, and Arsenal all imploding at various points to make it a less interesting race than many had predicted.

Many criticise the standard of football in the SPL, and to be fair rightly so, and point to the fact it’s a one horse race but since the EPL’s inception new crowned champions Man Utd have dominated proceedings since day dot. Continue reading “Premier League? Yer havin’ a laugh”

12 Months On: Exploding the Myths

Twelve months ago today, the curtain went up on the oddest year in the history of Scottish football. Many people think of it as the day a crazy saga ended. In fact, as the rest of us know quite well, it was the day it began.

Twelve months ago today, the football club who’s former owner had called it “the country’s second biggest institution after the church” went into administration. It set off a chain reaction that destroyed Rangers.

It saw the successor club starting life in the Third Division. It saw an almighty scramble for power in the offices of our football hierarchy, and it culminated, yesterday, in revelations about the director of communications at the NewCo which assure the next twelve months might be just as interesting as what came before. Continue reading “12 Months On: Exploding the Myths”

A Lost Soul

They say two things are inevitable in this life; death and taxes.

And it appears, going by last week’s saddening events in Northampton, where Gazza was recorded sneering, slurring and swearing his way through a public appearance, that one of football’s greatest talents is dicing with death.

Celtic fans, Scotland fans, Rangers fans or England fans … only a fool could deny his sublime talent.

This was one of the greatest footballers of his generation … genius. Wasted. Continue reading “A Lost Soul”

An Example to the World

The following is from the latest issue of the Famous Tartan Army Magazine, published online earlier today. Please feel free to share the link.

Back in November of 2011, whilst myself and others were doing our due diligence on Craig Thomas Whyte, it started to dawn on us that 2012 was likely to be one of the most tumultuous years in the history of the Scottish game. The information we were uncovering about this man and his background was so incendiary it was astonishing to us that the media was not covering the same ground, and there was a concern that perhaps the powers-that-be were as in the dark as much of the public was. This was not good news. Continue reading “An Example to the World”

Truth Is Stranger than Fiction

(Note; This is an editorial piece, written jointly by James Forrest and Gavin McCann).

Sci-fi enthusiasts will tell you that Jabba the Hutt was a fictional character who appeared in Return of the Jedi in 1983.

It was something I didn’t know offhand, but heard from my brother.

(Gav is not a fan of the genre … but never to have seen Star Wars … ?)

He is depicted as a large, slug-like alien who looked as if he had a season ticket for Greggs. Indeed, he could, no doubt, devour a football club’s full half-time offering in one foul swoop.

And they say fact is stranger than fiction? Continue reading “Truth Is Stranger than Fiction”

A Fitting Farewell

In an earlier article for this site I wrote about how Hugh Keevins had written a chapter for a book. The book was for charitable causes, and each journalist had to pick out a specific highlight of his or her career. I said in the article that the choices from the Record and Sunday Mail journalists were particularly un-inspiring, and that if they offered a fair representation of what was in the book it would make a good advert for not buying it.

Far better to donate the money, and save shelf space for something a bit better.

My article pinpointed the piece by Hugh Keevins, in particular, because I thought it offered an insight into the mind of the man. Continue reading “A Fitting Farewell”

The Only People Who Matter

To read the papers in the last few days is to read an assault on the intelligence and integrity of the only people in Scottish football who actually matter.

Us. The supporters. The fans.

Without us, the game is dead. Without us, there’s nothing. That’s a fact so self-evident, you’d think it wouldn’t need spelling out. But it clearly does.Some people appear to have forgotten it. I have no problem using this particular article to remind them of the fact, and to ask that they show a little more respect to those who keep the blood pumping through the national sport. I don’t expect we’ll get it, but I am still going to demand it, lest these people think their views are all that count. Continue reading “The Only People Who Matter”

He Laughs Longest …

Last night, less than a minute after Jordi Alba put the ball into the net, and denied Celtic a well-deserved Champions League point in the Nou Camp, the cameras cut to Neil Lennon, stood on the touchline.

He was perfectly still, his expression almost unreadable. He is usually a vocal manager, one who paces restlessly, who leaps and jumps in enthusiasm when things are good, and gestures frantically when things are bad.

At that moment, all that was gone. It is impossible for us to know what was going through his mind, but we can imagine the emotions pain, frustration and anger. The pride which he spoke of in interviews afterwards, pride in his team, that would have come later. Continue reading “He Laughs Longest …”

Idiots With Typewriters

Oscar Wilde said “The difference between literature and journalism is that journalism is unreadable and literature is not read.”

Carl Bernstein, who along with Bob Woodward brought down a President and changed the nature of the business, later went on to castigate what it became, and said, “The lowest form of popular culture – lack of information, misinformation, disinformation, and a contempt for the truth or the reality of most people’s lives – has overrun real journalism. Today, ordinary people are being stuffed with garbage.” Continue reading “Idiots With Typewriters”